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Upcoming & Current Exhibitions

Karen Kettering Dimit

My works deal with different dualities inherent in the human condition that current events bring into high relief. I contrast historical references with modern elements to express a collective sense of who we are, and I choose specific materials that have a relevance to the concept of the work beyond its decorative function. The “Subway Goddess Pageant” series is in response to recognizing the effects my patriarchal upbringing had on my sense of self-worth, and how the universal subjugation of the feminine has created catastrophic consequences throughout the world. These sculptures juxtapose homages to ancient powerful female figures, carved in stone, with these goddesses today, done in mosaics.  The mosaics can be light-hearted, but the promotion of the exterior appearance is at the expense of sublimating the true self, and they are struggling to reclaim their full glory.  The process mirrors the concept: mosaicing on a 3D form is literally superficial, versus digging the inner goddess out of the depths of a stone.




TEL: 646.423.4060



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