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JooYeon (Judy) Yang’s  artworks are highly detailed, labor-intensive on diverse surfaces. They are rigorous and engaging in that they demand to be viewed closely, with slow, careful looking, akin to the study of evidence – a forensic visual investigation. They are full of gloriously drawn details, and rewards the viewer who spends time moving around and through her dense lines, marks, textures, and spaces. Amidst this absorption of visual fluidity and formal attentiveness, one begins to digest her conceptual focus – themes of humankind vs. nature, and our quest to understand our physical and emotional futures.  They present images of conquest, apocalypse, slaughter, and tragedy, yet among all of this tumult, she suggests a future of hope.  Hers is not the investigation of the bleakness of human existence, but rather a commentary on our paths towards an enlightened future. She explores approaches to morality through the highly detailed spaces of an Eastern / Western hybrid, all filtered through her deft hand and careful, sensitive rendering. 




Co-Founder & Co-Director



Judy Yang

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