Jorge Ivan Posada

Jorge Posada is a painter, sculptor, print-maker and photographer who lives and works in New York. He received the first prize at the National Salon of Young Art at the Antioquia Museum of Art (Medellin, Colombia).


He was awarded a six year scholarship at the Lower East Side Print Shop in New York and an Honorable Mention at Expresiones Hispanas Art tour USA. His artwork was showcased on Channel 13 in the documentary The New Immigrants.


Posada’s art has evolved into a semi-figurative depiction of the body: a cross between figuration and abstraction which address the human form in motion.



The human body is the center of my artwork, depicted either in a realistic manner or suggested as a human precence. My paintings are populated by expressive and dynamic human forms, fragmented, without gender, anonymous, confined and in pursue of freedom, echoing the violence afflicted upon the human being in our global society.






10-27 46th Ave. Studio 306

Long Island City, New York, 11101

Whispers on the walls V Oil on canvas 68x58.jpg
Whispers on the walls IV Oil on canvas 78x62.jpg
Untitled III Oil on cancas 78x62.jpg
Fragmenting Rubens VIII Oil-acrylic on canvas 78 x 60 inches.jpg
Whispers on the Walls I Oil on canvas 68x46.jpg
Fragmenting Rubens I Oil on canvas 68x42 .jpg
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