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J F Bautista


Architect by trade, I design buildings in different categories: Assembly (Group A), Business (Group B), Educational (Group E), Factory (Group F), High-Hazard (Group H), Institutional (Group I), Mercantile (Group M), Residential (Group R), Storage (Group S).
As an Artist I give shape (Building Envelope) to the buildings to come.

Art & Architecture Books by J. F. Bautista
©2016 Ghost Architecture
©2015 Utopian Architecture
©2015 Urban Explorer
©2015 3:19:2003-3:19:2013
©2014 Architectural Hallucinations
©2014 Empty Architecture
©2014 Architecture of Subterranean Species
©2013 Architecture in Black and White
©2013 Architecture of Social Organisms
©2012 Reverse Engineering
©2011 Dark
©2010 vag-a-bond
©2010 J. F. Bautista Architecture  
©2010 Organic Mutant Architecture



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