Janet Rutkowski


“Great art, whether it be visual, sculptural, functional or audio, has a presence, a spirit which it truly felt. I seek to incorporate that presence, that spirit into every piece I create. Art is an unfounded religion whose inspiration comes from a divine source. the power is within each of us, and we should use it in everything we do, in all walks of life. It is the power of transformation. Transformation of the mundane into the divine.”

Email: bfdstudios@gmail.com

Website 1: bfdfirehousestudios.com

Website 2: fineartamerica.com

On Facebook:  facebook.com/SteelyJan

Other-Worldly Plantae
Patinated and Flame Torched Steel, 27" x 58" x 7" (2018)
TwentyFifteen Moonscape
30" x 96" x 10", Painted Steel (2015)
36" x 83" x 34", Brushed and Patinated Steel (2018)
Portal of the Thunder Moon
28" x 36" x 7" , Brushed and Patinated Steel ( 2017)
Dryad, Tree Spirit
Painted Steel, 7' x 4' x 2' (2019)
Tencendor, War Horse
Brushed and Patinated Steel, 32" x 16" x 2" (2014)
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