Hilma Krla


Hilma Krla was born during the spring tides of Pororoca where the confluence of the Rio Negro and the waters of the Rio Solimões run together without mixing. Krla is a mixed-media social practice artist, advocate, and mother of a boy who was diagnosed with autism and sensory integration dysfunction. She has experimented with various media such as photography, graphics, water colors, acrylic, and oil, but works predominantly with repurposed materials, fabric, clay, and collage. Krla is attracted to simple but chaotic compositions. Her work has evolved from personal experience. Krla's art touches on themes of psychological aspects, aspects of our humanity and her goals are to engage in social responsibility and find creative ways art can be utilized to create public awareness.













The white shoes 2014, 8.5" x6.5" x3.5" B Mix Clay with white oxidation glaze.

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Developmental disorder 2014, 17.5" x23.5" 3D motion effect lenticular Photo

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Symptoms of autism 2014, 23.5" x 32.5" Mixed college and graphite drawing on frosted crystal vinyl.

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Yell shoes 2014, 12.5"x8.5"x 3" White Stone Clay with Yellow neo Glaze

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upcycled photo 2012, doll dress made of recycled materials.

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Archer 2016, 6.5"x 3.5"x 2,5"

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