Ellie Grin


My name is Ellie Grin. 

A few years ago I moved from Russia to the most dynamic city in the world, New York. It was a big challenge in my life.

The ambiance and energy of the city have greatly influenced the character of my artworks. I love people, New York and painting on glass, which is my passion. 
I feel that every piece I create is augmented with my artistic sense for dynamism, flow, extraordinary texturing and lush approach to coloration.
I always learn and improve my art skills. I go to Bridgeview school of Fine Art in Long Island City. 

Besides creative part in my life, I love traveling and everything that related with an active lifestyle such as fitness, snowboarding, hiking and so on. 

My life values are exploring new things, self improvement and familly.











Swellmobs. Acrylic on canvas. 24" x 36"
A woman with orange hair. Oil on plywood.
Fatigue. Acrylic on paper. 20" x 24"
Dude. Mixed media on glass 13" x 19"
FridaonGlass. Mixed media on glass. 16" x 20"
A dancer. Acrylic on canvas.
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