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Description of Exhibition:

A year ago, LIC-A sent out a call for art for Drawings in a Time of Social Distancing.  It was springtime in New York, but it was a dark time especially for NYC residents. That call generated a record number of submissions for LIC-A from artists throughout the city. The online exhibition, still viewable on the LIC-A website, is a multi-faceted, timely rendering of life in lockdown.

Much has changed in a year since the June, 2020 show. We are reaching a turning point where many things in NYC are making their way back to a “new normal.” LIC-A’s drawing exhibition this year is a call for new works that reflect where we are now compared to last year. The show will explore themes of renewal, awakening, new freedoms, motivation, healing, recovery, energy, enthusiasm!

Drawings in a Time of Renewal

All styles of drawing are acceptable:

Digital drawings, i-Pad, Indesign, Zoom inspired, etc.
Pencil, charcoal, ink, crayons, pastel, graphite, comte, watercolor, etc.
Mixed media drawings, hand drawing/mark making videos
Drawings made with non-traditional techniques
And in the spirit of this spring’s new energy, we would love to see some experimental drawings.   If you draw with something unusual: thread, paper, plastic, wax, glass, video, light, whatever – send it in.  Push some boundaries!


SOMETHING NEW! -- LIC-A is creating a Drawings Flat File

Also in the spirit of new beginnings, LIC-A is establishing a digital database of drawings.  This collection will be viewable by curators with an objective of creating shows of particular artists from the collection.  As an additional benefit, artists may be selected from the collection to be featured in a LIC-A newsletter, blog, or social media post.  At first this will be a virtual “flat file” but the idea is to also create a file of actual physical drawings when we have the space and resources to maintain it. LIC-A will curate new entries for the digital Flat File from drawings that are submitted to LIC-A's online exhibitions, and your submissions to Drawings in a Time of Renewal will be eligible.  The curators for the digital Flat File will notify you separately about acceptances and permissions for any additions to this new collection.


Location: Online exhibition on the LIC-A website (we are also looking for a summer/fall gallery venue)
Exhibition on View: from July 8th, 2021 onward
Accepted Media: Drawings (see below)
Submission Fee: Pay what you can; minimum $5.00
Submission Deadline: June 21st @ 11:59 EDT
Notification of Acceptance: June 28th

Exhibition Curators: Jorge Posada and Carol Crawford 



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