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Diana Freedman-Shea

 I work in the space between realism and abstraction. I respond spontaneously to what I see and then go through a process that gives form to my impressions.

My urban views and landscapes are faithful to a specific time, place and condition of light.

At the same time, they reflect my concern with geometry, the relationship between shapes, and the accidents of paint. 

The tension between fidelity to time and place and the structural and painterly concerns of abstraction has been my challenge.This makes the work lively and open-ended.

In my paintings of animals, I capture their majesty through color, texture and the crowding of forms.

My still-lifes are formal exercises in color, composition, and mood.

The search for abstract form is the thread that runs through my work. I want my paintings to communicate on an abstract, descriptive and emotional level. 








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