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Carol Crawford

Carol Crawford combines her creative work as a professional fine artist and her Master’s training in art history with her practice as a New York State Certified Interior Designer and L.E.E.D. AP to bring a broad spectrum of aesthetic experience and understanding to design projects.  



She uses new materials and technologies in innovative ways, and draws upon broad experience in documentary photography, filmmaking, printmaking, and theater set design.  Her mixed media constructions have been shown in group and solo exhibitions in art galleries and museums in the United States, Canada, Japan and Europe.



As an experienced teacher of studio art and art history at all levels, including professorships at Stanford University, City University of New York and Pratt Institute, Carol Crawford is a highly skilled communicator who can develop iconic imagery that will speak to a client’s individual needs.  



ARTIST'S STATEMENT:  " Materials are very important to me as vehicles of expression. I consider materials as powerfully evocative as images because of their connotations and properties, and I use them in various combinations according to the message I wish to convey. "





TEL: 718-793-0214  FAX: 718-793-3593   


Fine Art:

Interior Design:  


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