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Akwasi Gyambibi

Pyrography, Charcoal, Pastels, Acrylics 
Akwasi Gyambibi is my name. I was born and nurtured in a city called Tema, popularly known  as the oil city in Ghana. Currently residing in New York city. (Queens). Though my family was  less affluent and we were not privileged to get a lot of things at our comfort zone, I found the  necessary happiness of childhood pleasure and entertainment through drawing and painting. This  was the only activity that drew joy from my innermost self. This was where I began to realize my dream by building on my passion and releasing my potential to have impact in the world. 

After attending Adonten Senior High School, which I completed successfully, I was encouraged to attend Accra's Ghanatta College Of Arts and Design. It was a school filled with purely professional teachers who enlightened us and also polished our skills. I was awarded a Diploma  Certificate in Arts and Painting of which I received the overall Best student to have exceptional  skills in figure drawing 2007. 

During my stay in Ghana, I often return to Ghanatta to teach figure drawings, landscape  paintings and life drawings because they have once impacted knowledge in me and I am glad to reciprocate what I have acquired from the school to the upcoming generation. Moreover,  my artworks for some years have been mostly figurative, only that it veils the history of modern  life style, African activities, beliefs and stories, which have a profound impact in our contemporary culture today. 

In this 21st century, where many believe history has no relevance, I found myself with a  burning desire to continually return to those aspects that are often hidden and misrepresented, by  capturing the joy, toil, ultimate paradox of African life and modern contemporary art. 
Now I have identified an unusual technique called Pyrography that is the freehand art of  decorating wood or other materials with burn marks resulting from the controlled application of a  heated gun or wood burning with mixed combination of ornaments, fabrics, printed paper  designs, paints etc. to create my unique realism, expression, pointillism, etc. 
Through my handwork and achievements, I do not wish to take pride in anything but maintain a humble attitude to offer the best service to any individual.

Instagram: @GYAMBIBI2015


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