An Exhibition of Art Reflecting on Social Transformation

An exhibition curated by Lisa Di Donato in response to the centennial anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in the United States that queries Who are We in relation to our complicated histories and present realities as individuals and communities, as women and as citizens. In keeping with the theme of Woman’s History Month, the focus is mainly feminist-centric, but, the call also seeks to include works that highlight adjacent movements and concerns to those of women and feminism, which notably have a history of engaging in self-examination. Artists and creatives, individual or collective, of all genders, nationalities, and mediums- visual arts, video, sound art, text, and poetry are encouraged to apply.

During this very uncertain time of increasing divisiveness in the country and the world, the remembrance of the Suffragette Movement could serve as a cautionary tale on the struggle and preservation of human rights. The Nineteenth Amendment all too frequently is viewed only in its decisive moment of victory, a fait accompli, glossing over its problematic and arduous progression towards ratification and the current day disenfranchisement and oppression that continue to threaten many here and abroad.

Rather than striking with defensive declarations of -We Are- that flatten conversation and knowledge, this exhibition looks to the heart of our cultural and political clashes where the question of -Who are We- resides.

Artists are in a unique position to ask this question through their work; politics in art is not limited merely to statement-making. Art offers us the opportunity to explore how we understand and apprehend our worlds, the manifold methods of communication that may reveal otherwise untold perceptions, and exposure of a creative process the vulnerability of which is an invitation to the shared meanings that are the underpinnings of every society.

Exhibition on View: March 20 - April 19, 2020

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 21, 7-10pm

Acceptance notice: March 1st, 2020

at The Plaxall Gallery, 5-25 46th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101 (View Map)

Image credit: Caroline Voagen Nelson, Her Vote (detail), Multimedia installation, animation projection-mapped on garment, 2020

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