Steve Mantinaos


When we bond with nature, she rewards us with beauty. Seeing true nature is a fascination and challenge for me and it drives my artistic practice. My desire to create leads me on a path to discover what is essential to all human beings— what is essentially human and what is essentially non-human. Culture runs through us bringing currents of objectification as well as reification. Technology increasingly assigns human-like traits to inanimate objects while we become more inanimate and homogeneous in the presence of technology. What it is to be human is called into question as we sense a mystery and menace behind the bright promise of technology.



Instagram: @stevemantinaos

Acrylic on bristol, 18x25, 2017
Seated Human 13
Homo Erectus
Crayon on paper, 18x2
Standing Female 27
Charcoal on paper, 18x24, 2018
Oil on linen, 42x42, 2018
Charcoal on paper, 18x24, 2018
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