Stephanie Liu

Art is my process to transform my experiences in life into creativity- from pain into positive energy. At age 13 I began taking art lessons in Hong Kong. My journey was interrupted at age 19 when I was sexually abused by a painting professor in Skidmore College. It motivated me to organize anti-rape projects and to set up the first women’s center in Hong Kong. I emigrated back to NY in 91 and resumed painting in 03 by entering the NYS Court Employees Arts Show. Winning the first prize in the 04 show and 2 other prizes encouraged me to paint. Art is my visual memoir of my bi-cultural life with every painting representing a stage, reflecting my inner self in an abstract form. Influenced by impressionism, I was inspired by my diving and travelling experiences in Cozumel and other places where I found peace and tranquility underwater.








Water Effect
Size: 24 inches ( width) X 18 inches (length), ( horizontally presented)

Medium: Oil
blue painting
oil on canvas 46x39
poster paint on paper 11x14
the glass sculpture
oil on canvas 24x36
sunset at aberdeen
poster paint on paper 11x14
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