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Six Perspectives

A Member Invitational Exhibition 

Curated by Chuck Baker

The Art Community in Long Island City is amazing. We are surrounded by a community of talented people here, each one motivated to create art in their own way, so many deserving recognition, so many wanting to be heard and seen. It is difficult to decide just who to celebrate. The Plaxall Gallery has given me the opportunity to focus your attention on six of these individuals. I have photographed each of them and selected a strong representation of their extensive bodies of work to share with you.

Each one of these highly accomplished artists are driven to make art in their own unique way, using their own unique techniques and materials and their own singular vision. These people work because they must and for no other reason. They are not motivated by the desire to make money or become famous, but by their desire to show us a vital new perspective on the world around us.

Cristian Pietrapiana brings our attention to our current political and social issues with a series of timely paintings. Felix Sherman utilizes a lifetime of experience to shed light on people, places and things in the abstract.


Moses Hoskins uses traditional paint and other materials to explore the subtleties  of color, line and edges.


Naomi Grossman enchants us with complex human shapes twisted in wire, conveying both strength and fragility.


Ian Banks Clayton reflects on the glory days of gas guzzling autos and the great american world we live in through his massive paintings.


Jessica Doh has the viewer deeply immersed in shapes, textures and colors with her sculptural journal.

Chuck Baker began his lifetime career in photography at an early age - sweeping floors in a camera shop at the age of twelve and going on assignment for The Dallas Times Herald before his sixteenth birthday. After spending three years shooting still lifes for Neiman Marcus in Texas, Chuck moved to New York City to open a studio. 

Capturing people in the midst of everyday activities while somehow portraying these moments as much deeper and graphic experiences, Chuck Baker’s style was quickly discovered by the legendary Carrie Donovan. She hired him to create four entire new sections of The Men’s Fashion of The Times , followed by hundreds of pages of women’s fashion features, which then resulted in an impressive list of clients. His impeccable eye and love for the arts community resulted in this curatorial project for his peers.

On View: January 16 - February 16

at The Plaxall Gallery (Map)

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 18, 7-10pm

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