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'Purgatory' by William Butler Yeats

Haunted by his past, a father returns to the ruins of his childhood with his only son to put his ghosts to a final rest...

A haunting verse play by the master poet, W.B Yeats, Purgatory tells the tale of a forbidden love, a ruined estate, a terrible crime and a father's struggle for redemption.


Featuring original choreography, this movement driven play dives deep into the dark corners of the heart at a break neck pace, and leaves you chilled at the ashes it leaves in its wake.

Starring: Louisa Pancoast, John Amedro and Michael Johnson

January 24, 25, 26, 8-9pm

at The Plaxall Gallery (Map)

Tickets start at $10.00

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Purgatory by WB Yeats
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