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Statements from "Drawings in a Time of Social Distancing"

Like Deer in Headlights, 2020

Artist: Addy Balajadia Medium: acrylic paint on canvas Dimensions: 16x12" Price: $60 Since the pandemic, there have been an uptick in racial discrimination against Asians which I personally experienced. Whenever someone saw me, they would look at me like I had the virus and that I was the cause of it. This reaction in people reminded me of the saying, 'like deer in headlights', where they would stare at me suspiciously and freeze for a moment then walk away obviously guarded and perturbed. Artist Statement: Inspiration can come from anything - nature, books, movies, people, music, colors. A large body of my work comes from memory or my imagination and my approach to painting is spontaneous and intuitive, allowing the paint colors, brushstrokes and images formed in the process to 'speak' to me, resulting in an element of surprise. This surprise is part of the joy of painting for me as I never really know what the outcome will be. Website: Instagram: addybpaints

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