Statements from "Drawings in a Time of Social Distancing"

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

"Black Fathers Matter Series III - 4", Artist: Dareece Walker Medium: Charcoal and chalk pastel on cardboard Dimensions: 36 in. w X 32 in. h Price: $2500 Artist Statement: Born and raised in the United States, my experience growing up as a black man has yielded many questions about my treatment as a fellow American. My art reflects aspects of the Black American experience that are overlooked or disregarded. Cardboard is a street and protest art material, is considered cheap, low quality and easily replaceable. All of these descriptions of cardboard become metaphors for the Black American Experience and as a black male I empathize with this material. This work is meant to celebrate the courage and strength it takes to be a father, and represent real black men in everyday life. While celebrating black masculinity, the work simultaneously protests the lack of accurate representation of black males in America, and champions the preciousness of black youth. Website: Instagram: @ArtistDWalker

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