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Read about LIC-A Member Clare Stokolosa in this QNS article published Aug 3, 2020

Sauté Some Onions and Garlic, 2020

Artist: Clare Stokolosa

Medium: pencil and watercolor

Dimensions: 6" x 15.5" paper size

Price: $250.00

I like to make my own tomato sauce with fresh ingredients, so why not paint them beforehand? I love painting the garlic and adding the reflective colors that you find when painting white objects. Making this was fun and the sauce was good to eat too. see link for the video of me creating this image on my youtube channel.

Presently I am working on a small scale sketch and watercolor each day from a little studio that I set up at home to capture quiet thoughts and moments through studies and still life.

Prior to the COVID 19 virus outbreak, I painted mostly outside. Now, because of the 2020-public-health crisis, my art has become part of my early morning routine.

While self-isolating, I like to share my daily paintings of fruit and vegetables from my table in a series called #StayAtHome. I am also sharing the painting process on my YouTube Chanel to provide uplifting videos until it is safe to come together again. You can find my videos on YouTube at CS Art Clare Stokolosa YouTube. Please subscribe and enjoy.

Until then, stay safe and #StayAtHome. My youtube channel


Instagram: @clareStokolosa

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