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June Kosloff: Influenced by The Natural World

Interview by Norma Homberg

Now more than ever, my art is a celebration of the forces of nature and the human experience. My new work has been influenced by the natural world in ways that I never imagined. Creating is not only an emotional refuge for me, but also a physical one, it is a meditation about my life. I strive to reflect my current state of being and the feelings and emotions I am experiencing with those of the world around me into my visual language. I am inspired by interconnectedness as the world learns to navigate an uncharted disconnected dystopian territory and I have the hope that art can help to guide us to be closer and inspire each other. Currently, I am incorporating silkscreening, monoprinting, and collage into my art practice and painting on current newspapers to express messages of love and hope with bold images and color. In many of these works I have incorporated a self portrait silkscreen and recently realized that this image has become a powerful symbol of empowerment for me for overcoming challenges I have experienced both in the past and in the present moment. In many ways this image has taken on a new life and symbolizes empowerment for hope and love in these very difficult days of 2020.


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