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Artists Resources During Covid-19

Updated: May 14, 2020

PPE, Ashlee Romain ; Pencil and Marker on Paper; 7"x8"

A list of websites that publish emergency grants and funding resources for artists:

The New York Foundation for the Arts maintains a long list of COVID-19 Emergency Resources which lists dozens of emergency grant and financial resources around the U.S. for visual and performing artists:

Here is one of the newest relief fund postings on the NYFA site:

These are some other relief fund listings on the NYFA site: -------------- Queens Council for the Arts maintains a list of resources for emergency grants and assistance available for the greater NY area: -------------- The New York Council on the Arts has a COVID-19 listing of emergency relief funds, assistance and other resources available to support artists and art organizations in New York State: -----------

These webistes all have amazing resources for artists:

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