Patricia Bouley

My paintings and drawings have changed over time but what has been consistent is my exploration of human emotions and the relationships that bind us. The imagery is more than depictions of the moment; rather they are filters…a universal lens…through which I absorb impressions to create an expression. What I seek is a confrontation with the things that stir me…feelings, connections, and unresolved conflict. I am a visual storyteller. Much of it is subconscious…resembling a jigsaw puzzle. The imagery resurfaces as the pieces are joined.




"Fire Flies",acrylic on canvas, 2017
"Silent Things", acrylic on canvas, 2017
"Tipping Point", acrylic, charcoal, and paper on canvas, 2017
"One Beautiful, Fugitive, Moment"
acrylic, charcoal, and paper on canvas
"Combustion", acrylic, charcoal, and paper on canvas, 2017
"Log Jam", aquarelle pencil on paper, 2017
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"Fire Flies",acrylic on canvas, 2017