olga alexander

I work in many formats including abstract drawing, painting, photography, installations, sculpture and jewelry design. My art practice is experimental and recombinant, and makes use of whatever media best accommodates my subject matter. Since I am interested in the process of hybridization and how it relates to architecture and our physical bodies, I use diverse materials to create a body of work in which various iterations present themselves, be they sculptures, paintings or installations. Related series of artworks are then further shifted and positioned in the space allowed, so that in the final presentation a dialogue emerges that tries to make sense of our environment and our place within it.

Email: NodesCollection@gmail.com

Website: www.nodescollection.com

Feminine Trascriptions
Part of a series of collages with acrylic, graphite and ink on paper, 40"x30"
Installation view, mixed media, dimensions variable
Sculpture, detail from the installation of the same name, 26"x26"x20"
Synaptic Incubations Of Another Kind
Sculpture, part of a series, mixed media with fluorescent Plexi, 5"x3.5"x3.5"
Urban Flesh
Acrylic on clayboard, 40"x30"
Clear Fluorescent Art Node Necklace
From The Nodes Collection – Hand made necklace with acrylic paint and mesh in fluorescent Plexi, 2"x1"x1"
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