Nobuko Tsuruta

Weaving is my meditation. When I sit in front of the loom, I see different parts of myself manifest themselves in my work. Weaving became an introspective activity for me, and a curiosity about how I subconsciously represented myself in my pieces fueled my work. Initially I wove purely out of love for the art, but as my experience grew I saw that my own vanity, ego, competitiveness, and pessimism revealed themselves in my pieces. The forgotten negative feelings of my past had returned into my life. The only way I could escape these feelings was to continue weaving.

The materials I worked with would speak to me and my role was to translate them into the weave. My products are purely a result of the materials as well as myself, and thus by accepting my works, I accepted myself.


Wearable art linen, cotton, wool, synthetic fiber, 20x150
Lion in Paris
Cotton, wool, linen, synthetic fiber, silk, 18x98, 15x70, 2018
Little Red Hood & Hansel and Gretel
Cotton, wool, linen silk, synthetic fiber, 20x78, 20x78, 2014
Black & White
Cotton, 20x80, 2015
Synthetic fiber, wool, silk, 20x235, 2016
Cotton wool, linen synthetic fiber, 60x80, 2015
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