Naomi Grossman

Women in all their complexity- floating, dreaming, holding on, wanting, needing, falling- revealing both their strength and vulnerability in an increasingly complex world.

My wire sculptures reference the female form and function as drawings as well. Wire magically becomes line in space, changing in character and becoming messages from within. The wire functions to create a tension- as in the expression “wired”- while also conveying both strength and fragility. The sculptures are delicate and have words embedding in their “skin”. These words give the viewer the sense of eavesdropping on someone’s secret obsessive thoughts.
Mixed media works on paper combining words and collage, and mixed media drawings with collage further explore issues of identity and aging.



Instagram: @naomigrossman

Facebook: Naomi Grossman



Assisted Living, wire & words
Veil of Tears, wire, words 2017
Tightrope, wire, words
Lifelines- installation, wire sculptures, mixed media tumbling figures
Holding My Breath, mixed media on photo print
Five seated- mixed media drawing
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Tightrope, wire, words