LIC-A Members Showcase 2021

LIC-A proudly presents its member-artists showcase....usually in Spring, the exhibition will be online in early June 2021 and also an in-person Members Exhibition in Fall for those who feel comfortable.  What have you created this past year?  SHOW US!  And share with our Queens community.  

This has been a time of re-evaluation for many artists, of a chance to experiment, perhaps, and create imagery reflective of the often stressful past year during shut-down.  Artists are naturally gifted with the ability to visualize their thoughts and feelings and to communicate them without words.  We look forward to presenting your visualizations to the public.

Location: Online in June, and in September at the Plaxall Gallery/ Culture Lab in LIC

Exhibition on View: online from June, and at the Plaxall Gallery / Culture Lab from September 2nd to 26th, 2021

Click thumbnails to expand the image and read about each artist!

Lica showcase.jpg

Kimberly Abbott

Heather Abshire

Monique Allain

Bonnie Astor

Marianne Barcellona

Janya Barlow

Aileen  Bassis