Julia Roshkow


I make very precise crystal collages under the name CARTESIAN GRAPHICS.


Previously I have worked as a physician, a flower girl dress designer, and a greeting card designer. While I graduated from Harvard in 1977 with a degree in art history, as an artist I am completely self-taught.


As my favorite way of working is to create particular pieces for particular spaces, I feel as though I have one foot in the art world and the other in the design world. When asked to state my occupation, I say wall jeweler.


My goal is to produce work that is beautiful, joyous, and amusing. My collages have no hidden meaning, or any significance beyond the fact of their existence as objects of desire. Their subject matter merely reflects my interests at the time and not an agenda that requires explanation.

Email: julia@cartesiangraphics.com

Website: www.cartesiangraphics.com

Tartan Red (detail)
Crystal collage, 2017
Tartan Red
Crystal collage, 2017, 12" x 12" (unframed)
Counterchange Cats
Crystal collage, 2017, 20" x 4.5" (unframed)
(Installation on custom ledges), crystal collages, 2018
December Birthstone
Crystal collage, 2018, 8" x 8" (unframed)
December Birthstone (detail)
Crystal collage, 2018
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Photos by David Gonsier

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Tartan Red

Crystal collage, 2017, 12" x 12" (unframed)