Jean-Marie Guyaux

Living in NYC. Born in Tournai, Belgium.

For over thirty years I have been shooting assignments in New York City and my editorial and advertising work runs the gamut of still life, fashion and celebrity photography. []

Since relocating my studio from Manhattan to LIC in 2010, I have focused my photography on symbolic imagery that reveals the passing of time within an oddly shaped and jagged edged world where sudden mishaps accelerate the process. By confronting the present, the exploration of past and future are left to the imagination.
In Icons, crossbreeding the raw data of an original subject with non-photographic software creates a new layer of pixels that generates a hybrid and psychedelic visual referred to as Digital Art or New Media Art. As the real and unreal intermingle, memory and fantasy are triggered. The outcome is a mystifying re-interpretation of the visual imprinted in one’s memory.








1-Warhol #4 cr10x10
2-crash #45 cr10x15
3-slash #71_0371 cr15x12.5
4-Icons Marilyn #1 cr10x10
5-crash #57 cr10x15
6-slash #27_0422 cr15x12.5
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