Dana Laine Gehry

My work explores the differences between what I see and what you see. Intention versus coincidence. Instinct versus speculation. I have observed and questioned the effects of these juxtapositions on the decisions we make in our lives; from the greatest to the smallest. Much of human existence operates as a result of the interplay of our differing perceptions of the world around us. How do we know? How do we decide? Which is the right way? Each of our answers enhance, or detract, from our day to day and our overall existence. In turn this affects the way we connect, disconnect, and ultimately transition through our lives. I am consistently exploring these ideas through my work, and I invite the viewer to share their perspective in response.

Email: danalainegehry@gmail.com
Website: www.danalainegehry.com
Facebook: facebook.com/danagehry​

Resolana // Oscura, 2019
Jour // Nuit, 2019
Nova // Cento, 2019
Overture The Past, 2015
Sage // Segue, 2019
The Road From Salta To Jujuy, 2016
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Sage // Segue, 2019