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Curated by Marie Anine Møller

April 6 - May 24, 2023
Opening Reception: April 6



Long Island City Artists (LIC-A) is pleased to present the group exhibition “ActionReaction”, curated by Marie Anine Møller. We invite you

to join us for the opening reception on Thursday April 6th, 5-8pm at 30-30 47th Avenue, Long Island City, NY. ActionReaction is a series of diverse works investigating definitions of environments, choices and outcomes. Through a cultural consideration of who we are and what forms us and our surroundings, the works selected reflect on being human and what that means for our planet. The bigger picture or the small detail is put in context to our everyday actions and what inevitable reactions we create within our choices. 

This exhibition connects approaches, new perspectives and experimental appreciation while manifesting the importance of art as a voice and a tool to create change. All considerations of an environment have been considered and the twenty-six artists explore topics such as process, anxiety, memory, bodies, climate, resilience, ritual, dialogue, form, construction and activation. Works by artists who are exploring material and subject matter through new methods and who go beyond the norm have been chosen in order to gather a broad investigation of actions and what reactions they create in our lives. 

Works on view by: Heather Abshire, Tony Andrea, Dea Segatto Andrea, Stacy Bogdonoff, Alberto Bursztyn, Ann Cofta, Jessica Duby, Nazli Efe, Natalie Steigmann-Gall, Richard George, Kenneth Greiner, Will Kaplan, Grace Kerr, Kirsten Leach, Seungjin Lee, Iris Loughran, Rose Malenfant, Troy Medinis, Josh Meillier, Natalia Petkov, Robert Scheirer, Elinore Schnurr, Andrés Senra, Scott Sherman, Katreen Sorokina and Preston Trombly.

As part of this exhibition, The workshop, Molybdomancy Group Ritual will be held and facilitated by artist Nazli Efe on Saturday April 22nd at 1PM - 4PM in the exhibition space. Molybdomancy Group Ritual is the experimentation of creating forms in the Water and having free association through the interpretation of these unique shapes. The ritual has two steps. First, the participants make their wax-forms in the Water. Secondly, they spend quiet time with their forms and interpret the shape. They are asked to write a brief text about their interpretations. Water transforms the forms - forms transform into texts. Water acts like a mediator of time and place. It opens up a non-temporal moment and leads the person to a pure state. Water is the cure for self-awareness. It mirrors the unconscious.This workshop invites people to look deeper into themselves and connect with Water. The exercise is informed by a centuries-old divination ritual called molybdomancy, prediction by interpreting shapes formed when a molten lead is dropped into water. The practice presents a wide spectrum of readings on the present, past, future, emotions, expectations, and memories. The Water manifests itself in forms waiting for us to read them.

Heather Abshire
Tony Andrea
Dea Segatto Andrea 
Stacy Bogdonoff
Alberto Bursztyn
Ann Cofta 
Jessica Duby
Nazli Efe
Natalie Steigmann-Gall
Richard George
Kenneth Greiner
Will Kaplan
Grace Kerr

Kirsten Leach
Seungjin Lee

Iris Loughran
Rose Malenfant
Troy Medinis
Josh Meillie
Natalia Petkov
Rober Scheirer
Elinore Schnurr
Andrés Senra
Scott Sherman
Katreen Sorokina
Preston Trombly


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