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Claudia Schellenberg

I am interested in both photography and pastel painting.  My interest in pastel painting developed from a 2004 drawing class, my first ever.  I gravitated to plein air work as a natural result of my love of hiking and the outdoors.  I continue to take classes and workshops, primarily in pastels, although I have recently tried my hand at watercolors.


I am a self-taught recreational photographer.  I have been shooting in earnest since the winter of 2006.  I am active in the NYC Sierra Club Photography Committee, where our focus is on nature photography. 


Working outdoors enables me to get close to nature and to achieve a degree of solitude.  As a city dweller, this immersion in nature recharges my batteries.  Working outdoors has intensified my awareness of changing light patterns, moving clouds, and the effects of light and shadow on my subjects. 



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