Amanda Ioco

My art practice consists of a variety of mediums, to include, painting, mixed media drawing, and assemblage sculpture. My inspiration stems from unique still life set-ups where I incorporate personally collected objects. Things such as oyster shells, flowers, and wine bottles are transformed in size and color to stand out, allowing the viewer to discover their own connection to them. Items that we’ve all experienced, received, or consumed but are often quickly forgotten. I have found that some of my most beautiful collected items are often deemed disposable.

These disposable materials are what drives me to create my sculptures which are primarily comprised of thousands of oyster shells collected from NYC restaurants and combined with collected items such as chandelier crystals.




"Dueling Queens"
58"x48", Oil on Canvas, 2017
"One of Each"
50"x36", Oil on Canvas, 2018
48"x58", Oil on Canvas, 2017
"Cry Baby, Cry"
60"x42", Oil on Canvas, 2017
Installation comprised of thousands of Oyster Shells from
NYC Restaurants at Yonkers Arts Weekend 2018
"Light Balance"
Installation comprised of thousands of Oyster Shells from
NYC Restaurants at USU/Warburton Galerie, February 2020
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48"x58", Oil on Canvas, 2017